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[url=]Mbt Shoes Clearance[/url] [url=]Cheap Mbt Shoes Outlet UK[/url] Plus, do you know how expensive a Saturn V is? Like . . . a couple grand, at least. Over the course of months, Roberts hatched his plan to steal part of the moon. Eventually, he met and fell in love with an intern, Tiffany Fowler, who agreed to help him commit the celestial heist. So what sort of sophisticated Ocean's 11-style caper did they embark upon to snatch the precious space rocks? Did they need to steal security codes? Hack the surveillance cameras? Somersault in between security lasers?Ha ha, no! They just loaded the 600-pound safe onto a dolly and walked right out the goddamn door, presumably whistling nonchalantly the whole time. Brand X Pictures-Stockbyte-Getty Now, it's worth mentioning that Roberts was a little bit nuts. He admitted in an interview that, after making off with his prize, he took Fowler to a hotel room and put the moon rocks under the blankets so that they were "basically having sex on the moon. " We sort of get the appeal, but that still sounds uncomfortable as hell. Anyway, Roberts was eventually caught trying to sell his stash, valued at a staggering 21 million, to some undercover FBI agents. Because of course they were FBI agents. If you're advertising moon rocks for sale right after a historic theft of moon rocks, it doesn't take a super sleuth to deduce that they may in fact be the same moon rocks. Jon Feingersh-Blend Images-Getty Images [url=]cheap timberland boots[/url] Useful tapping tips for iPad owners who don't know how iPads work. Swipe the screen and Rock, The beats the shit out of his own film crew, who are scattered around a Hollywood set larger and more sparsely populated than the Moon. Why is a multimillionaire movie star pounding the snot out of the backup Foley artist? Because an evil dude, presumably pissed about watching Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, has released a pathogen that turns everyone into vicious minions. Or at least that's what you're told. Everyone looks anonymous and totally normal, but you must still destroy their infected evil. Rockpocalypse might have the worst plot of all time, but it's a fantastic psychotic breakdown simulator. WWE Inc [url=]Air Jordan 4[/url] [url=]Air Jordan 1[/url] 3. Dinocampus Coccinellae Turns Ladybugs into Crippled Living CocoonsMathieu Belanger MorinDespite being both poisonous and carnivorous, we all love ladybugs because bright colors, polka-dots and roly-polyness knock off about 20 IQ points each. The parasitic wasp Dinocampus coccinellae, however, looks at the adorable wittle wadybug and sees only a clubhouse for its children. Just gotta get rid of those pesky organs to make room for a rope-swing. mozygish [url=]Nike running 2014[/url] John Smith: Actual size. The match was a quick one. Smith proved himself a shoe-in for a position as a Medieval Times performer when he bull's-eyed his lance straight through the tiny target that was the eye hole of his opponent's face visor. But Smith wasn't quite done ravaging his enemy just yet -- he allegedly hacked off Turbashaw's head, slapped a bow on it, and presented it to his general as a gift. Apparently, head-gifting was a big faux pas in Ottoman society, and Smith's actions seriously pissed off a friend of the recently departed Turbashaw: the sinisterly named Grualgo. So, the story goes that Smith rode against him the next day, this time knocking his opponent off his horse with a well-timed pistol ball after his lance failed to do the job. And just to give him one final kick in the balls, Smith took Grualgo's head, too. Nomadsoul1-iStock-Getty Images [url=]chanel bag sale[/url] in Ceylon, you know. See you in 16 years. "The stories are all typically written from the perspective of the students and focus on life in boarding schools. Bullies and bizarre school sports feature heavily, as do themes of friendship, honor, and penmanship. foto-ruhrgebiet-iStock-Getty Images [url=]Cheap Mbt Shoes[/url] Can we get this table a double order of shut the fuck up, please?If you're a person of somewhat sound mind and equipped with at least a starter set of manners, you should already be scoffing at the idea of anyone thinking it's all right to argue in front of friends. That's fine; you should feel that way, but understand that I'm not just talking about full-on brawls. Don't use your friends to settle disputes of any sort. John Foxx-Stockbyte-Getty Images [url=]Nike running 2014[/url]

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[url=]timber land[/url] [url=]timber land men[/url] [url=]timber land men[/url] "You're stupid!" [url=]timber land men[/url] Our Weekly Dose of EnvySo we do our Rooseveltian best to dress you as "bully!" as possible, but even a Bull Moose must rest after enough presidential terms-bullet wounds-Amazon River near-deaths. Here are the Internet's five strongest new candidates for your torso, all of which you can elect, using PayPal . . . man, this analogy got away. 5> [url=]timber land men[/url] [url=]timber land[/url] Ben-Heeeey . . . what is this?I'm no medical historian, but has there ever been a time when chest colds left naked men writhing in pain while clawing at their own bodies as if they were trying to get the sickness out via fingernail scratches? Even if the answer to that question is "yes," was this face necessary? [url=]timber land men[/url] The weakling. And although my lawyer and priest tell me I should under no circumstances admit any fault for the things I'm certainly at fault for I've decided t [url=]timber land men[/url] o forge ahead, in grand Chris Bucholz tradition, heedless of the consequences. As per the ancient custom, I've broken up my apology into individual apologies. I'm first sorry that I went into this so under-prepared. I have little personal experience with the elderly, my own grandparents having forsaken me from birth, claiming there was no forgiving what I would one day do. My main experience with the well-aged prior to this episode, then, was in the form of things I'd learned from video games, where the elderly are often an excellent source of healing spells. That none of you could cast even the mildest of buffs on me was, I admit, disappointing. I think that set the whole relationship off on the wrong foot. I'm sorry for all the childish mocking after we got things off on the wrong foot. BananaStock-Getty Images [url=]timber land men[/url] "Peter Parker has a hard time at work? My heart bleeds. No, literally, I have serious heart problems [url=]timber land men[/url]

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[url=]timber land boots[/url] [url=]timber land boots[/url] [url=]timber land boots[/url] But I'm sure that getting fired was equally devastating for you, buddy. After getting out of the hospital, this proto-Female Venom was supposed to bond with the alien symbiote, the source of Venom's power, and become a sinister villainess whose main thing was that she didn't trigger Peter's spider-sense, and could thus attack him from the shadows. It's also worth mentioning that the comic book symbiotes have the ability to "give birth" to other symbiotes, which would fit beautifully into a story of an insane, grieving mother who lost her child. Unfortunately, Marvel editor Jim Salicrup thought that a woman, even when smeared in extraterrestrial vegemite, wouldn't be a believable threat to a teenager with spider superpowers. That's when Michelinie reworked the idea and came up with the Eddie Brock Venom, effectively robbing us of a chance to see a truly unique baddie beat both Spider-Man and 1980s comic book sexism harder than some readers would've beaten their dicks to this character, probably. Adam Jay, SuperHero Photography-Freddie Nova [url=]timber land men[/url] This seemed cool before we learned that the NS [url=]timber land[/url] [url=]timber land boots[/url] byRedRaspberry16. [url=]timber land[/url] 5. Enceladus' Ice VolcanoesNASA-JPL-Space Science InstituteSaturn's Enceladus may not seem like anything special; just another middle child in a family of 62 natural satellites . But zoom in real close and you'll see that its surface is constantly rocked by massive explosions . . . of ice. Yes, Enceladus is home to thousands of what scientists are awesomely calling cryovolcanoes. NASA-JPL-Space Science Institute via BBC [url=]timber land boots[/url] "Ohhh, are they stealing my money, ohhh are the raccoons about to breach the barricades, ohhhh I'm so confused. "I am sorry the Chris Bucholz Retirement Experience staff was borrowing your money, with the full intent of repaying it once certain "sure-fire" investment opportunities paid off. And they did pay off! The Chris Bucholz Holiday Timeshare Experience admittedly lost money, but by diverting incoming funds from the Chris Bucholz Investment Club and the Chris Bucholz HOOOONK, You've Won a Free Cruise Scheme, this meant every one of you was eventually paid back. Everyone wins!I'm sorry for those of you who invested in the Chris Bucholz Investment Club and the Chris Bucholz HOOOONK, You've Won a Free Cruise Scheme. You definitely didn't win. I'm sorry about the music that was ever-present in our home. I understand that you had different tastes in music, but you have to understand just how powerfully uncool those tastes make you look. Stepping off the pop culture treadmill like that is taking a large step towards death itself, and I want you to fight, dammit. Stay cool, old people. D. Anschutz-Photodisc-Getty Images [url=]timber land boots[/url] "I still have all the big numbers, but there's no food left. Luckily, I'm too rich to be bothered by this incredibly subtle moral. "Even if the bank were to fail, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ensures people get their money back. Which means your hero isn't fighting for justice but lowering insurance premiums. Which they'll negate by smashing the place up and killing people. Even the insurance company would tell them to get their ass out of the building faster than the speeding bullets their presence will cause. An untrained uberhuman leaping into a hostage situation is selfish: They're the only person guaranteed to be fine in the ensuing hail of automatic fire. In Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker endangers everyone in the bank, including his own Aunt May, trying to stop Doc Ock from taking someone else's money. Money Ock would otherwise have mechanically strolled off with. Nobody died, no thanks to Peter "Let's start a fight with the homicidal maniac in a crowded civilian area" Parker, but the collateral damage easily cost more than could have been stolen. They took out dozens of apartments and cars in their building-side battle. They were barely out the door before they destroyed a taxi. Which brings us to . . . [url=]timber land[/url]

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[url=]zapatos timberland españa[/url] [url=]baratas botas timberland high top[/url] This photo of Dustin Hoffman was taken only one week after the one above. [url=]Nike Air Jordan 5[/url] Eh, still better than Top Dog. [url=]Vans classic skate shoes[/url] [url=]christian louboutin 120[/url] "Kuhll muh . . . Kuhll muh . . . "Once it's time to leave the nest, the wasp flies away without even so much as a "sorry about your gaping anus," and goes off in search of another ladybug to murder by birth. [url=]Cheap Mbt Shoes[/url] Some book genres are incredibly long-lasting. The simple mystery novel has never really gone out of style, science fiction and fantasy are a century or more old and still going strong, and romance authors have turned that one plot they have into thousands of bodice rippers, with no signs of slowing down yet. leisuretime70-iStock-Getty Images [url=]timberland boots sale[/url] byHammerofdawn24. [url=]Botas Timberland 10061[/url] 5. Chinese Netizens Skirt Censorship With Memes ToaboaChina extinguishes free speech like novelty candles on its birthday cake. Which is to say that every time they stomp it out, it comes sputtering back to life again. They've arrested bloggers for exposing the country's rampant corruption, sent journalists on "forced vacations" -- but the will of the people is indomitable. But what can be done by people who are unwilling to risk martyrdom to fight the power? You can't even flip the government the bird, because they will confiscate and imprison that bird forever. But you can flip them the alpaca:Angelo DeSantis [url=]botas Timberland baratas Invierno[/url]

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[url=]timber land[/url] [url=]timber land[/url] [url=]timber land[/url] Procrastinators Rejoice! We Still Want Ideas for Great Art, Revisited in a Minimalist FashionIf you can get us an idea before Tuesday afternoon , we might just give you eternal T-shirt glory and 500. Don't let the time crunch scare you. You can do it. Imagine it's a term paper, but with real-world ramifications. Oh, and if you ever have a stray T-shirt idea jump to mind, there [url=]timber land[/url] Available at The Yetee [url=]timber land boots[/url] [url=]timber land boots[/url] DOUBLE NOPE. Not since Twilight have teenagers gotten such terrible treatment. Notice the dinky tassels flaccidly hanging off the monsters' heads and how they seem to be sporting Superman logos on both cheeks and foreheads. If you've ever wondered what it would have looked like if Canada had invented luchadores, there you go. Speaking of Canada inventing weird things . . . [url=]timber land boots[/url] Still Satan. Yea, the sun taketh life away, but she also giveth of it . [url=]timber land men[/url] Aside from their poorly enforced procedures for making employees return keys upon termination. I'm sorry so many of you overheard me on the phone using confusing, modern language like "rubes" and "retirement shelter. " Please understand that "retirement shelter" in this context is a very complicated technical term, related to computers in all likelihood, and was not me comparing you to animals. You were my customers, my friends, and most importantly, my customers. You were not animals. I'm sorry about all the actual animals. That haunting and moist odor the city's fat-rendering district possesses was always going to attract a certain amount of scavengers, their numbers probably inflated in this case by the fact that the Chris Bucholz Retirement Experience was formerly a waste transfer station. That many of you adopted and fell in love with these furry little creatures warmed me greatly. Hemera Technologies-Photos-Getty Images [url=]timber land men[/url] ed at you after I climbed up that one step to safety. I'm sorry I underestimated you. Your collective thousands of years of memories left you, yes, plenty of boring and frighteningly racist stories, but also plenty of gumption and know-how and even firsthand experience at how to depose tyrants. In this case, it probably didn't take much ingenuity to call the police on me, but still, well done to you for knowing how a non-rotary phone works. I'm sorry for all the childish mocking when the police arrived. I needed to explain to them what was going on, and using the medium of name-calling was a far better defense for me than the actual facts. Photodisc-Getty Images [url=]timber land men[/url]

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[url=]timber land boots[/url] [url=]timber land boots[/url] [url=]timber land boots[/url] He can't even tell the difference between himself and a computer. Human beings are risky because they get invested in crazy ideas like "giant robots battling monsters" or "quarter-billion dollar westerns. " Blockbuster flops are expensive enough that they can actually kill a Hollywood studio. Why take that risk when you can just have a robot find the safest thing Mark Wahlberg can shoot to guarantee 300 million domestic? [url=]timber land boots[/url] s. Group W Productions [url=]timber land boots[/url] [url=]timber land men[/url] 5. Aliensca. ign-articles-2007-12-07-alien-evolutionThe most infamous example of sexual imagery run amok is the result of disturbing artist H. R. Giger and director Riley Scott. The entire Alien franchise is nothing but dicks and butts and vaginas that want to hump you into oblivion. It's not enough that it's sexual imagery; it's sexual imagery that wants to hurt you so bad, you feel like you're watching Prometheus. We've told you before about how the aliens are just giant penises with even smaller penises in their constantly ejaculating mouths, and how the chambers in the alien pilot vessels are all accessed through giant vaginas, but if you try to actually add up all the imagery in just one Alien movie, you'll be up to your neck in labia and foreskins before the third act. Look at the face hugger. It's an ass with a vagina on the bottom and penis fingers. The vagina is actually at the end of a penis that gets forced down your throat once the penis fingers hug your head and squeeze its butt-body all tight against you. It then proceeds to peen-vag your throat so hard that you end up with a baby penis-headed monster inside you that explodes its own birth canal out of your chest. monstrous-fem. blogspot-So . . . was it good for you?The alien Queen has a giant vag chute that deposits gross eggs everywhere, each one a big, green seed pod with huge labia on top. Whenever someone gets close enough to stimulate them, the labia spread wide open. The Queen's tail is a massive dong that rips Bishop in half through the process of penetrating him -- he gets fucked right in half!The entire franchise is built on a foundation of sexual terror: the fear of being violated by the Other, by something different from oneself, in a violent and uncontrolled way. The aliens are a semi-organized and inexplicably intelligent species of interstellar rapists that will violate you to death and actually use your violation to fuel the cycle by producing another of their kind from your pain. As Alien 3 made abundantly clear with the alien-dog hybrid, the alien offspring is partially born of the genetics of its host animal, meaning your little rapist baby is literally, genetically a part of you. You're not just victimized once, you're forced to partake in the victimization of another generation of victims. That's even worse. [url=]timber land[/url] bySomerOf8418. [url=]timber land men[/url] h. There is absolutely no hope of complaining enough to change things. It's all over almost as soon as anyone realizes they have a reason to be upset. So, take all of those angry YouTube vloggers reacting to Affleck being cast as Batman and put them in the same building at the exact moment that news was announced. What do you think it would sound like?Fast forward to the 3:46 mark of that video for your answer. Even worse for wrestling fans, whereas studios cast their movies based on a legitimate belief that they're picking the best available actor for the role, by all indications the WWE throws these twists and turns into the mix with the sole intention of making fans angry. Basically, wrestling fans aren't any crazier or easier to entertain than anyone else; they just like a different set of men in costumes than the "cool" kids on the Internet who go apeshit over the way storylines from comic books and graphic novels play out on screen. [url=]timber land[/url] violent means, despite the many lives that had been lost during the campaign. No matter China's stance, the Dalai Lama has always advocated peaceful resolution through communication and understanding, a point of view that has to be hard as hell to stick to when you have monks lighting themselves on fire and people being dragged by horses in front of crowds as a method of showing you what you were in for if you kept up your Buddhist shenanigans. Fuse-Fuse-Getty Images"Look at this bell. Man, shit's crazy. "So you have a man who's been exiled from his homeland after a bloody uprising failed to free his people, never had sex, never partied hard with awesome celebrities and dancing girls, and never wavered in his message of peace and understanding for decades. That's a dude who believes in goodness. [url=]timber land[/url]

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[url=]timber land boots[/url] [url=]timber land boots[/url] [url=]timber land boots[/url] "Whoa. That's crazy. Let's blow it up with a bazooka. "Meanwhile, one of my favorite things about the Mario Kart series is that the stages are secretly linked -- as GameXplain points out, if you take your eyes off the road in Mario Kart: Double Dash, you can actually see landmarks from other tracks as background details, suggesting that the entire game is set in a vast interconnected world. For instance, Peach's Castle can be seen from Mushroom Bridge:Nintendo [url=]timber land men[/url] Mikey was never the same after the stroke. There are other franchises with large enough casts to make a good Skylanders-type game, like the X-Men and Super Smash Bros. . Disney already put out their own Skylanders ripoff featuring a potpourri of characters from their various properties. However, I believe that none of these would appeal to the "late 20s-early 30s geek with spending money" demographic as well as the Ninja Turtles. Come on, Activision: If you don't act fast, all that money is gonna go to He-Man-themed LEGO sets, and no one wants that. [url=]timber land[/url] [url=]timber land[/url] tire career. But other times it becomes weird, like in Lars von Trier's Antichrist or Howard the Duck. But there's something even more insidious than a Willem Dafoe BJ on a scary tree, or Lea Thompson fucking a duck, and that's the subtle and generally-less-than-subtle symbolism that filmmakers will toss into movies that aren't even about sex. Sexual imagery is amazing at eliciting a physical and emotional response from a viewer, one that probably mixes arousal and revulsion. Why revulsion? Because penises and vaginas have very clear and defined roles in our lives, and when you start making them do other things , shit gets weird. Trust me, I'm an Internet comedy writer. I know what I'm talking about. [url=]timber land men[/url] byluvthecubs [url=]timber land boots[/url] Thanks for all you do, guys. Fox News is like the light hanging high above the parking lot of a shitty convenience store in the summer, attracting all the moths and gnats and mosquitoes in one spot so they can be easily avoided by anyone who doesn't want to be bothered with their bullshit. Granted, that light is hanging low enough that, if for some silly reason you decide you want to, you can totally go stand over where they are and stick your head in among all the buzzing and biting. Maybe you need to for some reason, who knows? Whatever the case, you know where they are and you know what they're up to if you need to find them. That's Fox News. Fair, balanced, and easy to avoid if you don't want to be bothered with their bullshit. Meanwhile, to hear their supporters tell it, the "liberal media" infects everything, from television to movies to music and everything in between. They live in constant fear of having their way of thinking infringed upon in any number of different daily situations. One minute they're watching a thrill ride of a film co-piloted by the likes of Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum . . . Amazon [url=]timber land[/url] I have been ruined by the Internet. I was exposed to the dark and musky depths of its depravity too young. The Internet crawled inside me and laid eggs. Those eggs hatched and birthed terrible proclivities that slowly devoured the better parts of my brain until all that was left was a filthy layer of reeking cynicism. One of the many horrible side effects of this ruination is that it now takes a lot to make me laugh. And sometimes what does the trick is horrifically dark and disturbing stuff that should in no way cause a human being to giggle. I am not telling you it is right that I laugh at these things. I am not saying they are objectively funny to any other sensible human being. I am not seeking forgiveness. I am just showing them to you so that when the time comes, nobody will say "He seemed like such a nice man. We had no warning. "Listen, I'm most likely going to lose my job over this, and I will almost certainly deserve it, so maybe just . . . go. Just go before it's too late for all of us. Oh God, it's starting, remember me as a better man than I actually was- [url=]timber land[/url]

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